Demi's Noodle House is offering a limited edition T-Shirt for sale. Both men's and women's sizes are available.

Highly breathable, moisture-wicking, black PosiCharge fabric.

The exotic Sophia Sanh is our Khmer model. In the photos, Sophia wears a women's cut V-Neck Tee.



Chef Demi Vangen has brought the flavors of her country to the the heart of Palmetto Florida. Fresh, local ingredients and time tested family recipes will take you on a journey to Vietnam.



Fountain of Youth in Palmetto, Florida

Forever Young

Fresh veggies, spices, and lean protein packed with Vitamin A & E will have you looking your best.

Feather Weight

Cut out the fat. Our food is flavored with herbs and spices instead of oil and dairy.


Pho is full of coriander and fresh mint that help your liver function properly, and help relieve indigestion and nausea.



In Vietnam, family meals are an important tradition. Everyone takes time out of their busy lives to relax and enjoy each others company. What better way to bring everyone together than the smell of a broth that has been cooking since the morning. We are proud to share our Family Pho Broth Recipe. Simple prep with a complex flavor.



Char Onions & Ginger

Step 2

COOK BROTH for 3 hours

Bones - Onion - Ginger - Star Anise - Clove - Cardamom - Cinnamon - Coriander - Salt - Fish Sauce - Sugar